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Transmission Multi-Check and Inspection

Transmission Multi-Check and Inspection

Make sure your vehicle's transmission is in optimal working condition. Call Glenford Transmission

Glenford Transmission Services in Barrie, Ontario offers professional transmission multi-check inspection service

Getting a transmission inspection and multi-check done before and after winter is important to ensure that it is still working optimally after any seasonal damage. Glenford Transmission Services multi-check inspection includes the following:

- Fluid check: fluid checks can indicate the first sign of wear and damage to your transmission. A healthy transmission will have clear red fluid. If your fluid is discoloured or has an unpleasant odour, there may be internal wear and damage happening as you drive your vehicle. If your fluid needs changing we will do a fluid flush to remove all the dirty transmission fluid from your vehicles pan and lines.

- Road testing: we will perform a stationary and driving test to inspect every aspect and position of your transmission. This will check for slipping, noises, erratic or irregular shifting and off time shift patterns.

- Lift inspections and pan examinations: we will perform a lift inspection and check engine RPM, throttle linkage, u-joints, fluid retention, neutral switch, electronic controls and more. Pan examinations will allow us to see a partial look inside your transmission. We can see if there is friction or signs of wear and damage. If we come across something, we will make adjustments to correct the problem in both the lift inspection and pan examination.

Protect your vehicle and get a multi-point inspection of your transmission from the experts at Glenford Transmission Services in Barrie, Ontario! We will be able to see what is really wrong with your transmission!

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Last Updated On: February 06, 2017
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