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Winter Tire Installation

Winter Tire Installation

Get your winter tires installed before the temperature drops below 7 degrees to ensure safe winter driving!

Glenford Transmission Services in Barrie, Ontario offers a winter tire installation service

Only winter tires are designed to excel in the colder temperatures, slush, snow and ice that many parts of the country experience for three or more months a year. Rubber must be flexible to grip the road, snow tires are made to stay flexible and grip in frigid temperatures unlike all season tires that harden easily when the temperature drops. This is why it is very important to come in for a winter tire installation service once the temperature consistently drops below 7 degrees.

Tire and vehicle manufacturers recommend that snow tires or winter tires be used on all four wheels of your vehicle during the winter months. If you use two dissimilar types of tires on your vehicle, you could experience negative performance in both steering and braking controls.

Having different sets of tires on front and rear axles may cause one end of the vehicle to lose traction before the other in a turn. In emergency situations, your vehicle will could understeer in one condition and over-steer in another. It is preferable to keep your vehicles handling as consistently as possible by ensuring that all four tires are similar.

Are you driving this winter with the wrong tires? If you don't get winter tires installed and replaced at the right times, you pose a risk to your own safety as well as the safety of other drivers.

The experienced staff at Glenford Transmission Services in Barrie, Ontario is dedicated to keeping you safe this winter, with our winter tire installation service. For more information on our winter tire installation service, please give us a call!

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